About Airdrop

Why we're different

There are lots of designers and agencies that can create great looking marketing websites. Indeed, the requirements of most websites are so generic that a standard 'templated' design will suffice. We're different. We're UI experts. We design bespoke user interfaces for complex tasks where there aren't existing design patterns to follow.

We specialise in designing interfaces for getting things done. Whether it's an engineering task, a business process or a social activity, we design interfaces that let users do what they need to do in the simplest, quickest and most enjoyable way possible.

With more than 20 years experience in designing and building software, we deliver solutions that not only work for users, but which are also elegantly coded and efficient to develop and maintain. We understand the data behind applications, so we think in those terms when designing. And we understand the need to componentise the UI and deliver design patterns, even when the technology being used doesn't naturally encourage that way of working.

A Case study

When comparing us to other (usually cheaper) design agencies, people often ask for concrete examples of how we make a difference. The work we did on HomeSwapper, a web app for social housing exchanges, illustrates some of the ways we add value.

HomeSwapper requires a large amount of data to be collected before the first swap can be suggested to the user – the app needs to know a lot of detail about their current home, the people in it, the kind of house they're looking for, as well the locations they would consider moving to. We created a 'game-like' experience in which the user interacts with a series of tasks almost none of which include conventional form-filling, but instead allow 'point and click' data entry.

Examples of game-like data entry

When the new sign-up process went live, there was an immediate step-change in the number of users getting through the sign-up process.

Graph showing increased number of users completing the sign up process after the new UI wa launched

Clearly, before we launched the new UI, a large number of users were simply giving up with the lengthy forms and not successfully signing up to use the service. In the case of HomeSwapper that was several thousand users each week that they were 'losing' through poor design.

Who we are

Airdrop Board of Directors
Dr Ian Mathias-Baker
Creative Director
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Business Development Director
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