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What we do

CSS Frameworks

There are various web frameworks in existence – Bootstrap and Google's Material being the most well known – but they all have downsides:

  • They don't contain the specific controls you need
  • They're not really designed for complex web applications
  • They can tie you into dependencies you're better off without
  • Your application UI looks generic and lacks personality
  • Your application UI doesn't reflect your brand's visual identiy

Try to layout a screen of docked panels with toolbars, context menus and pop-outs using nothing but the Bootstrap grid and you'll quickly come up against the limitations of that particular framework. And a lot of clients come to us after their developers have tried to do exactly that.

We think we do better than that

We create bespoke CSS frameworks for clients complete with all of the basic layout grids and components you’ll find in off-the-shelf frameworks, but with the addition of the domain-specific components their business requires.

Our frameworks are designed to work with any javascript framework you want, or just with vanilla javascript. UI states are controlled via classes, so can use whatever technology you want to add/remove classes. Optionally, we have our own javascript library which you are welcome to import into your app, or just use as a reference for what classes to use.

  • Pixel-based layouts for precision layouts
  • Suitable for anything from small screens (watches) up to widescreens and TVs
  • CSS only - use whatever javascript framework you want to add interactivity (Angular, React, Vue, vanilla Javascript, Jquery – whatever).
  • Can include custom icon libraries

All part of the service

We usually build CSS frameworks as a follow on to creating a design system. Having designed how we want an application or family of apps to look and feel, we then proceed to create the necessary CSS components to deliver it. However, if you already have a well established idea of the visual language you would like to use we can build a framework to deliver that.