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What we do

User Experience

User Experience design combines technical knowledge with creative imagination, assimilating high level understanding about what the user needs to be able to do, and then envisaging the most elegant, frictionless or fun means to achieve it.

We like people to think it all happens by magic, but in reality we follow a rigorous process, and only part of it involves actual magic.

Our process

  • Understand the application domain
  • Understand the users who will need to use the application
  • Understand the users' broad goals
  • Analyse the individual tasks users need to perform to achieve their goals
Imagine This is where the actual magic happens
  • Envisage an application space that presents the data the user needs to perform tasks, the tools to perform those tasks, and surfaces to present the results
  • Envisage the most efficient/engaging ways for users to navigate the application space to achieve their goals
  • Conceive of the keystone views in the application space
  • Model the data that describes the application domain
  • Model the operations that need to be performed on that data (this will go on to form the basis of the application's API)
  • Work up designs for the envisaged application views, building out from the keystone views
  • Map out detailed user journeys though the application domain to perform tasks
  • Build prototypes
  • Test with users
  • Make observations
Repeat as necessary...

Full Stack UX

Most UX agencies employ different people to do the research, model the application domain, and work out user journeys. And they hand over to a different set of people still to work on the visual design and test the design with users.

We think that's nuts.

We only employ people who can do the whole thing from top-to-bottom: a rare breed who can combine analysis and data modelling with abstract reasoning, visual creativity, and technical understanding of implementation.

We call this Full Stack UX.

The result is a truly holistic approach to the problem domain with no inefficient or glitchy knowledge transfer from one team member to another, and a purity and integrity of the concept and its execution.